Among the festive cheer and family gatherings, it is easy to forget about the potential dangers that Christmas can bring into your home.

Here are five concerns to watch out for:

Overused power sockets

Lights on the Christmas tree, indoor lights on the banister, and outdoor lights decorating our house like a gingerbread mans house.  Be careful overusing power sockets that are most convenient.

This can lead to overheating sockets, which could cause sparks to fly and a fire to start.  Be sure to invest in some extension leads to spread across your house to evenly use your power sockets.


Putting up Christmas decorations

When putting up Christmas decorations, be careful when hanging in high-up places, such as the stairs.  Use a ladder, not a chair or unstable object.

Outdoor lighting is even more hazardous.  Don’t just run up to the top of the ladder without thinking.  Be especially careful if the ground is icy or moist.


Unstable Christmas tree

Plastic Christmas trees have grown in popularity over the past few years.  But many still stick with the traditional real evergreens, and many of us say the bigger the better.

Don’t forget, trees were once supported by a network of roots underground, and are not stable without them.  Rather than just putting your tree in a pot of water, invest in a good Christmas tree holder.  These are sturdy stands that will stop the tree from falling on presents, breaking ornaments, and making a big mess out of the room.


Increased fire risk

Christmas morning means wrapping paper everywhere, especially if you have a big family or young children in the house.  A cardboard box with a ton of wrapping paper makes a perfect fire starter.  Fires can be started in many different ways.

Make sure you don’t leave paper everywhere.  It is just as much as a fire hazard as a candle.


Over excitement

Be sure not to be too excited at Christmas;  family coming into town, kitchen full of food in the oven, children running around play with new toys, and a traffic jam in the hallway.  Christmas time is very stressful and busy, don’t let it distract you from your safety.

Increased chance of injuries are multiplied at Christmas.  When people are less careful, accidents happen.

Did we miss any holiday hazards? Share your tips in the comments section below!