Avoid a Fire this Year with Tips from ServiceMaster Absolute

Does your household practice proper fire prevention techniques? Is this something you have evaluated to make sure you are reducing all risks to ensure you never have to deal with fire restoration? You may be nodding your head yes and thinking that everything is fine with your home and you will never be affected by a fire. Unfortunately, many residents have thought the same thing and still required fire damage restoration in the Chula Vista, CA area. ServiceMaster Absolute was there to help immediately, but there were many things the family could have done to prevent the fire. Here is an example of how quickly things can change.

It’s been a fun night out for the family and everyone had a great meal and enjoyed an entertaining movie. The kids fell asleep in the car as soon as you left the theater, and you can’t wait to get home to relax as well. Then, as you are pulling into your neighborhood, you notice fire trucks and smoke coming from a house, wait, it’s your house! Your mind starts racing, thinking about how this could have happened and what you should do now. Unfortunately, this is something that happens to many families each year and no one is ever prepared to handle the devastation associated with fire damage. The important thing to remember is that many items can be recovered and there are professionals at ServiceMaster Absolute that specialize in fire restoration. But could this have been prevented?

Fire prevention is something a family should discuss on a yearly basis to make sure everyone understands what can cause a fire in your home. Here are a few common practices to ensure you home is properly protected to help avoid fire damage repair needs:

  • Avoid overloading outlets with too many cords and splitters
  • Do not hang anything above or on top of lamps
  • Check the smoke detector batteries every 6 months
  • Make sure you have a smoke detector in each room
  • Check all electrical cords to make sure they are not worn

These are just a few steps you can take to keep your family safe and reduce your risk of a fire. If you are caught in the unfortunate situation of needing fire restoration in Chula Vista, Carlsbad, or Escondido, CA please call ServiceMaster Absolute. We will come on site immediately and help restore as many of your household items as possible.