Fire is one of those ever-present hazards that can come at a moment’s notice. Our modern buildings are exceedingly efficient, but to accomplish this, they require complex wiring and an endless number of appliances. Even cooking or other recreational activities can present a threat if safety is not observed properly.

ServiceMaster Absolute has been providing quality fire damage restoration services to San Diego and the Southern California area for years. Our professionals take pride in not only bringing expert service and skill but also keeping your safety at the forefront. You are our priority, and as such, we would like to share some common fire safety tips to ensure your protection in the event of a fire.

Fire Safety Tips: Covering The Basics

Not everyone is guaranteed to encounter a dangerous fire in their lifetime, but statistically, it’s actually fairly likely. In the event of a fire, preparedness is the absolute key to minimizing damage and harm. Keep these preventative tips in mind, and prepare accordingly:

  • Install smoke detectors. An immediate response is crucial in the face of a fire. Detectors are the hands-down best method of letting you know when it’s time to act, and so installing them is very important. There are various types of detectors available, and you should understand which one may benefit your home the best. Be sure to test your alarms monthly and ensure the batteries or electrical supplies are intact and working.
  • Have a fire escape plan. All members of your household should have a clear, cohesive plan in the event of a fire. The plan should include how to act, as well as a main route for escape. Discuss a secondary escape as well, in case the main route is compromised during a fire.
  • Have fire extinguishers installed. Proper fire extinguishers can assist you in getting safely out of your home in the event of a fire. Do not use an extinguisher to combat a house fire. It is for small hazards and escaping the home only.

Fire Safety Tips: Methods of Avoidance

Certain habits, behaviors, and activities often come with an inherent risk of fire. Avoid these, or mitigate the risk by:

  • Never overloading appliances or outlets. The use of extension cords and surge protectors should be exclusive. Never plug them into one another; this goes against their design and carries a risk of overheating and sparking a fire. This is easily avoidable, so teach all of those in your household to be cautious with their electrical devices.
  • Staying with the food when cooking. Never leave cooking food unattended or leave your home while baking or using the stove. Whether it’s another person who ignites the food while you are away or you dish catches on fire, it could severely and immediately damage your home and cause copious smoke damage.
  • Smoking outdoors. If you are a smoker, opt to take it outside. Not only does this reduce unpleasant odors, it reduces the risk of accidents. The number of people who fall asleep and end up with a house fire is staggering, and even fire-safe cigarettes can ignite cloth and fabrics.

Fire and Smoke Restoration with ServiceMaster Absolute in Southern California

Fire can do more damage than just bodily harm. When your home has been subject to fire and smoke damage, you need a service that can completely restore your structure and return you to normalcy as soon as possible. Our fire damage restoration and repair experts are in a class of their own and can ensure you get the service you need when fire strikes. Contact ServiceMaster Absolute today to learn more fire safety tips, and to get the fire restoration service you deserve!

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