House fires are devastating events. After the flames are out and the trucks are gone, you will have to face a whole new set of problems from the residue left behind by the fire. Ash and soot can continue to cause damage long after the fire is extinguished. At ServiceMaster Absolute we provide comprehensive fire damage restoration services and soot removal in San Diego, CA.

Without fire damage restoration the acidic particles in the ashes and soot will eat away at everything it touches. Even if you think you’ve cleaned the mess up, it’s likely there are still spots left behind on surfaces or contaminants floating about in the air.

Soot can begin to wreak havoc on your belongings and home interior almost immediately. After the flames are out, soot will turn plastics yellow, cause appliances to discolor, and materials like marble and other porous stones will discolor permanently.

Within a few hours soot can start to leave permanent acid stains on a wider range of surfaces, including tile and grout, countertops, furniture, and finishes on large appliances. It can even start to tarnish most metals in your home, including faucet fixtures.

Within a few days soot corrosion will get exponentially worse. The acidic particles will stain painted and wallpapered walls, upholstery, clothing, permanently pit and rust metals, and burn off the finish on wood floors and furniture. You will likely have to replace vinyl flooring as well.

After a few weeks the damage from unaddressed soot will escalate to cost you enormous amounts of time and expense. Carpets will be destroyed or permanently yellowed and reek of carbon. Silver plating on silverware and jewelry will be heavily tarnished. Glass, crystal, and china will be severely etched by the corrosive soot particles, and the carbon molecules from ash, smoke, and soot will be deposited throughout your home surfaces and vents.

It’s important to call a professional for fire damage restoration immediately after the fire is out. Don’t wait until the damage is irreversible. Call us for soot removal and complete fire damage restoration in San Diego, CA.