Southern California has become infamous in the U.S. for its high rates of wildfires. The growing rate of wildfires puts your home in greater danger of fire or smoke damage. While we can’t stop wildfires, ServiceMaster Absolute can help restore your home after the fact with our fire damage restoration services in the San Diego area.

While weather conditions facilitate burning for extended periods of time across many acres, wildfires are almost always started by humans. Campfires, careless smoking, and many other, more conspicuous events have lead to devastating wildfires across Southern California.

The most recent incidents were in 2007, 2009, and 2014. The 2007 incident alone destroyed 1,650 homes and other buildings in two backcountry areas. The fire was started in Witch Creek by sparks from arching San Diego Gas & Electric power lines, and it burned over 197,000 acres, killing two people. The incident also sparked over 2,300 lawsuits against the SDGE company.

The 2009 wildfire was started by sparks from a weed cutter and burned around 8,700 acres of Santa Barbara County. Though less devastating then the fire in 2007, the 2009 fire still destroyed 80 homes.

The smaller, most recent incident in Rancho Cucamonga during May of 2014 covered 2,700 acres. It was started by an illegal campfire and caused 1,600 homes to be evacuated.

Since 1984, wildfires burning larger than 1,000 acres in Southern California have increased by at least 1,500 fires per year. The range of acres burned has also increased greatly in the past 20 years.

Humans are the reason most fires are started, so as Smokey says, “Only you can prevent forest fires.” In the meantime, ServiceMaster Absolute can help with all your fire damage restoration needs in San Diego, CA. Give us a call today.