Halloween pumpkinsWith Halloween approaching, pumpkin patches are being raided for the best jack-o-lantern candidates, spooky lights are being hung, and candles burn through the night on porches and lawns. Halloween decorations are fun, but they can quickly flare into a dangerous house fire, putting your home and family at risk. All it takes is a small wind to blow over a lit candle, and if the lights hanging from your porch awning don’t match the voltage running from your power source, things could go horribly wrong. This Halloween, take the necessary precautions to keep your family and house safe from house fires and electrical damage.

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It’s easy! There are simple steps to take to prevent Halloween house fires. Here are some things you can do to keep your home safe this year.

Use battery powered candles in your jack-o-lanterns.

Small battery-powered candles are becoming more popular these days, and they can easily be found in local stores and hardware shops. Replace your tea light candles with these plastic cuties.

Check your circuit voltage.

Most holiday light strings only need 120 volts or fewer. Make sure the volts from your power source are weaker than or equal to this. Often power outlets outside the house have a stronger voltage than indoors. As long as your power source has a weaker voltage running into the light string, house fires are easily avoided.pumpkin lights

Watch for broken bulbs.

Especially if you are hanging your lights near cloth or from trees, you should make sure none of the bulbs on the string are shattered. These could emit sparks and start a house fire.

Be alert.

Most importantly, be alert and attentive to your Halloween decorations when electricity and open flames are involved. Never leave an open flame unattended.

Even the most prepared of homes can still suffer from fire damage. If you do need help with house fire damage mending restoration, call ServiceMaster Absolute in Chula Vista, CA. Our emergency hotline is answered 24/7/365, reducing the disruptive time to your life.

Have a happy and safe Halloween!