Every year hundreds of thousands of home fires are reported throughout the United States. The damages incurred by these devastating events include massive property loss, a high risk of bodily injury, and occasionally even fatality.

The team here at ServiceMaster Absolute takes your need for fire damage remediation seriously. In the event of a fire, we carry all of the skill and technology needed to assist you in making a complete home recovery. But more important than the services we can provide is your safety. Do you and your family know what to do after a fire?

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What to do in the Aftermath of a Fire

Despite this information we mentioned in the opening, the frequency of fires, damages, and bodily harm have decreased in the past decade or so. Why? Because homes are becoming safer, sure. But a more critical point is that homeowners are becoming more and more educated about how to not only prevent fires, but how to respond in the aftermath:

  • Before entering your home, wait. The safety and structural integrity of your building must be evaluated and cleared by professionals. Keep in mind that it may be impossible to re-enter your home before it is repaired or rebuilt.
  • Be ready to cooperate. The fire department will file a fire report, detailing various information about the home, and the items you kept within. This information will be very useful in the near future, so be as accurate as possible.
  • If entering your home, take precautions. If your home has been deemed safe enough to entre, avoid interacting with fire-damaged possessions. These can still be too hot to touch, or may now be contaminated by water and smoke.
  • If needed, speak with your contacts. A list of trustworthy contacts, be it family or friends, should be kept handy. In the event of a fire, you may need support, assistance, or possibly even a place to stay until your home is once more deemed safe.
  • Contact your insurance company. Once you are safe and secure, and the shock of your event has passed, make it a priority to contact your insurance company. The sooner you can get things in order here, the sooner your home can be recovered.
  • Reach out to a recovery and remediation specialist. Once all other affairs are in order and you are safe and settled, it’s time to find a fire damage remediation specialist. A professional remediation team can help you clear smoke and soot from your home, assist in recovering salvageable items, and can begin assisting you in resettling your home.

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