ServiceMaster Absolute provides some Thanksgiving fire safety tips for Chula Vista residents.

Deep-fryers have been labeled as one of the most dangerous cooking tools in your kitchen. House fires from deep-fryers are responsible for around five deaths each year in the U.S., and when you combine a gigantic frozen turkey with hot oil, it’s very likely to be the most dangerous Thanksgiving you’ve ever had. ServiceMaster Absolute can provide fire damage restoration from house fires in Chula Vista, CA, but we would also like you to know these four reasons why deep-frying your turkey can be so risky.

Turkey fryers are large cylindrical shaped pots into which the turkey is lowered. One of the biggest problems with using this kind of fryer is that it’s difficult to judge how much oil you need to use to cover the turkey completely without facing the dangers of overspill. If the vat begins to overflow as you lower the turkey into it, the whole unit will catch fire, and the surrounding area will also burst into flames. If you are going to use a fryer, put in the correct amount of oil to keep house fires at bay.

These fryers are very unstable and can easily be knocked over, especially if they are on uneven ground. Imagine if gallons of hot oil poured across your lawn. Not only would it likely catch something on fire, it’s a huge hazard for any people or pets around it.

There is also the danger of burning your hands on the hot handles and lid. These parts of the fryer aren’t insulated from the heat, and they get so hot they can even burn through your gloves. While you are removing the lid, the oil can also splash up and catch your gloves, clothing, or hair on fire. This could be deadly and is also a cause of house fires.

Another danger of using turkey deep-fryers is the unpredictability of the hot oil. No matter how careful you are, the oil can explode out of the top of the vat if it gets too hot. If this happens, it will burst into flames (not kidding) creating a huge potential for house fires.

While we can provide you with any house fire damage restoration in Chula Vista, CA, we want you to have a safe and happy Thanksgiving. If deep-frying a turkey, read the instructions and follow them to the letter. In the event of a worst-case fire scenario, give us a call as soon as possible and let us perform the clean-up and fire restoration services you require.