Christmas is less than a week away, and the clock is ticking. A great number of people are relaxing at home with all of their shopping taken care of, but an equal amount of people are tearing their hair out, having procrastinated on their gifts until the last minute.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help. As it turns out, we have some great idea for some last-minute Christmas presents. They’re a little unconventional, but sometimes those are the best types of gifts.

Specifically, we’re talking about the idea of treating your loved ones to restoration services! Many working adults already have pretty much all of the things they need, so helping them to make productive improvements and repairs in their home can be a unique gift that eases their overall burden and saves them money.

Here are some great ideas for some restoration services you could treat your friends or family to this Christmas:

Drywall Repair and Patching

Some people think that it’s only necessary to perform maintenance on drywall when there’s obvious, severe damage to it. But there are actually many reasons to work on your drywall, which means this can be a valuable service to anyone, even if there’s no one in the family who has recently punched a hole in the wall.

Here are some reasons why the average homeowner might have need of drywall repair services, even if they don’t realize it themselves:

  • Fortifying Their Walls: This is especially important for people who have older homes! As with anything in this world, houses and structures tend to weaken over time. This is true for your walls, even if they seem like they’re in ship-shape condition. If you order a team of professionals to fortify the walls, you can ensure that they’ll hold up better to long-term wear and tear. As a bonus, this can also increase your home’s value and give you peace of mind for the future.
  • Smoothing Out Chips and Dents: Show us a person that doesn’t have a single chip or dent in their walls, and we’ll show you someone that just hasn’t looked hard enough. It’s pretty much an inevitability that walls in any given home or apartment are going to get dinged up over time, even if it’s just minor. Fortunately, a team of experts such as ours at ServiceMaster Restore can make your walls look good as new.
  • Creating Consistency For a New Paint Job: Sometimes, drywall repair and maintenance is done with a bigger goal in mind, paving the way for a more ambitious project. One example is a new coat of paint — a great gift idea is to help prepare your loved one’s home for a new paint job, something that could breathe new life into their home and make it feel new.
  • Repairing Holes and Major Damage: This, naturally, is the point where you *need* drywall repair. If you know someone who has significant damage to any of their walls, you can do them a huge favor by getting it fixed for them during the holidays; something that can relieve their burden.

Carpet Cleaning and Hardwood Floor Repair

If you want to go the extra mile with your Christmas gift, you can also consider treating them to floor repair and replacement services. Whether your loved one owns carpeted floors, hard floors, or both, there’s always work that can be done.

Here are some things we could do to a floor that would leave it in much better shape than it was before:

  • Carpet Cleaning: Carpets aren’t like hard floors, where you can just scrub them squeaky clean. Dirt, grime, particulate matter, and all kinds of other nasty stuff can accumulate in your carpets, and they don’t just come out when it’s vacuumed. It would be prudent for any homeowner to schedule routine carpet cleaning services at various points in the year. Unfortunately, many people don’t have the budget for this, so it goes ignored. A great reason to consider it as a Christmas gift!
  • Hard Floor Repair: Hard floor is often more susceptible to damage than carpet. Tiles can break, chip, or fall apart, and wood floors are easily warped by water. This is a nuisance that often goes long without repair. Fixing the problem for good could go a long way into making your loved one’s home feeling more comfortable and new.
  • Carpet or Hard Floor Replacement: One of the best Christmas gifts you could ever get someone is helping them to swap out their 70s teal shag carpet to something new and modern, whether it’s a more tasteful carpet choice, or hard floors. This is something we’re highly experienced in and it could be a total game-changer for the recipient’s living space.

Paint Jobs

We briefly touched on this above, but it deserves its own mention because of how much it can completely transform one’s living space into something that feels completely new!

People tend to underestimate the value of a good paint job that’s performed with an end-goal in mind, such as being complementary to a specific style of interior design. Some rooms are decorated in spite of the paint job — other rooms are decorated in harmony with it, and you can always spot the difference.

At ServiceMaster Absolute, we provide extensive interior paint job services. Getting a new paint job can revitalize a room. Sometimes, it’s nice to do it just because you want a new look, and sometimes a paint job is made necessary from drywall repair — it’s difficult in most cases to find the exact match for the original paint job, so it’s often required to repaint a wall entirely after repairs so there’s not a discrepancy in color shades.

Structural Repair Services

At ServiceMaster Absolute, we specialize in restoration jobs, particularly in repairing damage that has been incurred by fire, smoke, water, floods, or mold. Through our many years of service serving San Diego, Chula Vista, Riverside, and other surrounding regions, you can bet we know a thing or two about structural repair.

Drywall, floors, and paint jobs are three of the most important components in structural repair, but there are also plenty of other jobs that we can do. Do you have a loved one who has a part of their home that needs repair or maintenance? Don’t hesitate to contact us to see if it’s something we’re able to service.

We can help to repair virtually any kind of damage in someone’s home. For many people, this is the best kind of Christmas present, because it frees them of the obligation to spend time and money on the repairs. In many ways, you’re lightening the burden of your friend or family member, and isn’t that a special type of gift unto itself?

Damage Restoration Services in San Diego and Riverside

You don’t have much time left! If you’re still fishing for a good gift, consider getting something that will leave a lasting impact in the lives of the people you’re shopping for. Consider getting something that will ease their workload, relieve them of stress, and give them peace of mind.

Damage restoration services from ServiceMaster Absolute is what you’re looking for. Are you curious as to what your intended project might cost? Contact us today for a free quote!