What comes to mind when you think of the West Coast of the United States? Do you think of scenic views, great weather, and maybe even sandy beaches? What about rolling hillsides, covered with leafy trees and rivers of grass? There are many great things about the western edge of America and its environment, but unfortunately, many of the things that residents enjoy about this area can also pose health hazards.


The wonderful greenery and scenic landscapes that make an area so ideal to live in have the regrettable side effect of being flammable. If you live in a dry climate, the presence of wildfires is an unfortunate reality. As wildfires become a more regular and intense occurrence throughout the western United States, there is not much business owners can do to prevent smoke entering their local atmospheres and affecting the breathing quality, and health, of their employees. But what can you do? You can prepare your office or other building with the right products to protect indoor air quality and mitigate the effects of smoke particulate exposure.


Wildfire season is upon us.

In fact, the wildfire season in California now stretches year-round. This means that wildfires, smoke pollution, and low air quality are a constant issue for business owners. Wildfire statistics from 2018 show that last year proved to be the most widespread and costly year on record. These fires also caused a record amount of smoke and soot particulates to spread throughout the state. When you look up into the sky during or after a wildfire near you, it is easy to see how the smoke affects the atmosphere. The heat from the wildfire flames causes smoke and soot particulates to rise into the sky and become airborne. From there, wind carries those particles across a larger area. These particulates may block out or dampen sunlight, and you may even be able to smell smoke.


Even if these effects are not extremely pronounced in your area, if there is a wildfire nearby, it is likely that smoke particles are entering your lungs and attaching themselves to your clothes and skin. The small particles that are harder to see and smell are actually the most impactful to your health – according to the EPA, those particles can enter your bloodstream through lung tissue.


When people notice the immediate effects of nearby wildfires, they will often flock to local stores to obtain respiratory face masks and other immediate protection measures. While these measures are not necessarily in vain, using a temporary face mask while outside in direct exposure is not enough to completely protect one’s health from the adverse effects of smoke particulates. The quality of the air being brought into and circulated throughout an occupied building is also of utmost importance. If that air is not properly filtered as it makes its way throughout the building, the air system is essentially spreading the harmful effects of outside smoke throughout the building itself. This can cause smoke damage to the ducts in your building and harm your workers’ health. You can’t expect the workers and visitors inside your commercial building to wear face masks at all times during periods of low air quality, so what do you do?

Stop Indoor Air Pollution Before It Happens

The best way to ensure the indoor air quality of your commercial building and safeguard the health of its occupants is to equip your space with the most affordable and efficient air filtration system on the market. In order to ensure the best quality air flow throughout your commercial building, you will want to make sure that the air is properly filtered and diffused. A diffuser is an extremely common component of heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning systems, otherwise known as HVAC systems. A proper diffuser will effectively deliver filtered air conditioning and ventilation, as well as accurately distribute air throughout the desired area. When you are ready to upgrade your system to mitigate the effects of smoke damage, ServiceMaster Absolute is here for your needs.  We will ensure your HVAC system keeps up with California’s year-round wildfires.

Your Air, Your Health

Don’t let the effects of smoke impact your building. Our team will be there to help guide you down the path to recovery. Our team of IIRC Certified Fire & Smoke Restoration Technicians can often reach your location in less than an hour, and our specialists will work as quickly as possible to stop the smoke damage and remove its hazardous effects. Contact us today!