In 2014, summer wildfires struck unusually early in Southern California, some as early as May 16th in San Diego County. This year, wildfires have struck even earlier in the area, blazing on April 28th near Los Angeles. Nearly 1,000 people were evacuated that day when the flames went beyond containment lines. The earlier Southern California fires start, the more they can damage homes and businesses throughout the season. If you are struggling with wildfire damage, contact ServiceMaster Absolute for fire damage restoration service in San Diego, CA.

Because wildfires have been starting earlier in the unusually dry, hot and windy weather, the risk for even more fires later in the summer has increased. The wildfires in 2014 hit a record in sheer numbers, adding up to over 1,000 more fires than usual for the Southern California summer months. By the end of September, the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection had sent firefighting crews to battle nearly 5,000 fires which ravaged 92,139 acres.

This all happened before the Santa Ana winds began to affect the areas in and around San Diego County. These strong winds have been known to worsen wildfire damage, spreading flames untold miles further than they would have gone alone. Part of the increase in 2014 wildfires was due to the drought that is still ongoing.

The 2014 drought is part of a longer drought period said to be the worst in 500 years. Some credit this extreme lack of precipitation to melted sea ice changing the ocean water levels, which led to a 40% increase in annual precipitation in the Northwest and a 30% decrease in precipitation in the Southwest.

While the drought partially broke in December of 2014, the spring months have been exceedingly dry, continuing the severe drought into May. This extreme dryness greatly increases the chances of destructive wildfires over the next few months.

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