Wildfires in Southern California are increasingly common occurrences this summer due to the long-term drought much of the southwestern U.S. is experiencing. Many of the fires are remote, but the risk of structure damage is still very real. At ServiceMaster Absolute, we offer emergency fire damage restoration services in San Diego, CA for post-wildfire disasters.


Fires were reported in and around San Diego County nearly every day of June and July so far, and while the San Diego Fire and Rescue Department has managed to contain the flames from spreading to residential areas, there are still incidents and potential dangers of fire damage.


On Wednesday, June 17th, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Orange County firefighters had a close call with a fire that started on the Barona Indian Reservation. More than 200 firefighters contained the 170-acre brush fire, but it came dangerously close to a reservation resident’s home. The fire was stopped just 25 yards from the front door.


Seven other homes in the path of the blaze were evacuated, and a temporary evacuation was put in motion at the Barona Casino. A section of the Wildcat Canyon Road was also shut down when the fire began.


Though fires like the Barona fire are often quickly contained, they have potential to roar out of control over acres and acres of land. The Barona fire could have burned over 500 acres if not contained, certainly covering residential ground on the reservation. Even with this fire, fixed-wing air tankers, helicopters, and bulldozers were needed to finally put out the flames.


The dry conditions, wind, and heat make a deadly combination when it comes to wildfires. Everyone should be on the alert for possible fires this summer in San Diego County, and remember to contact ServiceMaster Absolute for emergency fire damage restoration services in San Diego, CA.


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