Crime scenes are sticky situations, and after the police and investigators are done with evidence and processing, the mess needs to be cleaned up. At ServiceMaster Absolute, we provide crime scene cleanup services in San Diego, CA. The aftermath of a crime can often be a public safety hazard, and we dedicate ourselves to getting rid of the trauma left behind.

Some of the most dangerous substances often left at crime scenes are biohazards and toxic chemicals. We help the crime scene investigators by taking care of the dangerous material in a safe and organized way. The most hazardous substances left behind at crime scenes include:

  • Fluid-borne pathogens. These can be found at suicide or homicide crime scenes. One of the most common of these pathogens is HIV. These pathogens are a danger to the community unless we act quickly to mediate the infected scene.
  • Chemicals to make Methamphetamine. The toxic chemicals used to make meth are usually present after a meth lab has been seized or abandoned, and pose a substantial threat to investigators and the community. Our employees have special training for this kind of crime scene clean up.
  • Dead animal flesh. These substances can release toxic gas fumes and be disease ridden. This goes beyond the “gross” factor because these kinds of crime scenes are actually quite hazardous if left alone. We are also equipped to handle and clean up these kinds of crime scene messes.

These examples are some of the most dangerous crime scenes to clean up, but here at ServiceMaster Absolute, we are also equipped to provide many other kinds of trauma and crime scene cleanup to keep the community and environment safe and clean. Contact us today in San Diego to learn more.