In the past few months, Southern California has battled sizzling droughts, raging wildfires, residual effects from Southwest Pacific hurricanes, and extreme heat. Towards the end of July, San Diego County faced warnings of high heat, thunderstorms, and heavy rain passing through the area as residuals from El Niño. When violent weather hits the area, ServiceMaster Absolute can help restore any damage to your home or business with our reconstruction services in San Diego, CA.

Those who are unfamiliar with Southern Pacific weather patterns may not understand what an El Niño forecast entails. El Niño and La Niña are two parts of a weather phenomenon that involves fluctuations in temperature and atmosphere in the east-central Equatorial Pacific. This pattern is called the El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO).

To put it simply, La Niña is the cold part of the cycle, and El Niño is the warm part. Each cycle can last up to 12 months and have major effects on the ocean temperature, weather patterns, and even global climate. The West Coast of North America often experiences wetter-than-average weather conditions during an El Niño cycle. It’s also normal for the waters around Baja and Southern California to increase in temperature.

The problem with El Niño cycles is their unpredictability. While there are often similar conditions from cycle to cycle, there are also sudden anomalies and variations in strength and resulting weather. In 1997-1998, Southern California experienced a particularly strong El Niño that formed weather resulting in around $550 million in damages and 17 deaths. However, the same area had one of its driest winter seasons during the El Niño of 2006-2007.

This winter’s El Niño began late in the season, but was predicted to continue into the fall of 2015. The Equatorial Pacific’s change in temperature certainly will affect San Diego County’s weather over the course of the rest of the summer. High temperatures breaking 90ºF are expected, along with chances of heavy rain, thunderstorms, and strong winds.

Many homes and businesses are unprotected against intense weather conditions. If you experience weather related damages to your building, remember ServiceMaster Absolute is here for you. Contact us today for reconstruction services in San Diego, CA.