1. Assessing Water Contamination

    Water contamination in San Diego is, of course, a fairly frightening concept. We depend on clean, clear water for nearly everything in our day to day life, and the idea that there might be hidden dangers lurking within can be a stressful thought. For this reason, water contamination assessment is cr…Read More

  2. Seasonal Rain Increases Need for Water Removal in San Diego, CA

    As California heads deeper into the rainy fall season, San Diego County residents run the risk of being unprepared for the higher levels of precipitation. Northern and Central California faced a cold front late last week that dropped almost an inch of rain on the San Francisco area. When bad weather…Read More

  3. Reconstruction Services for Spring Storm Damage in San Diego

    Spring is just around the corner for the rest of the country, but in sunny California, the weather has already turned to a balmy, pleasant 60-70 degrees. However, every rose has its thorn, and spring warmth is accompanied by storms that often bring high winds across the Southern Californian coastlin…Read More

  4. How to Save Your Water Damaged Belongings in San Diego

    After a household disaster like a flood in your basement or a home soaked by fire hoses, you can lose a lot of your belongings to water damage. At ServiceMaster Absolute we want to minimize this loss as much as possible. In fact, in a recent study conducted by a major insurance carrier, our company …Read More