1. Smoke Damage – Wildfire & Smoke Particulates

    What comes to mind when you think of the West Coast of the United States? Do you think of scenic views, great weather, and maybe even sandy beaches? What about rolling hillsides, covered with leafy trees and rivers of grass? There are many great things about the western edge of America and its envir…Read More

  2. Fire Safety and You

    No one expects to come face-to-face with a fire, but unfortunately, fires happen every day in the world. Many people believe that the most dangerous part of a fire is the flames themselves, but this is actually not the case. Most of the danger during a fire is the intense heat, as well as the poison…Read More

  3. What to Do After a Fire

    Every year hundreds of thousands of home fires are reported throughout the United States. The damages incurred by these devastating events include massive property loss, a high risk of bodily injury, and occasionally even fatality. (more…)…Read More

  4. Fire Damage Restoration Due to Wildfires in Southern CA

    In 2014, summer wildfires struck unusually early in Southern California, some as early as May 16th in San Diego County. This year, wildfires have struck even earlier in the area, blazing on April 28th near Los Angeles. Nearly 1,000 people were evacuated that day when the flames went beyond containme…Read More