1. Restoration Services as Christmas Gifts?

    Christmas is less than a week away, and the clock is ticking. A great number of people are relaxing at home with all of their shopping taken care of, but an equal amount of people are tearing their hair out, having procrastinated on their gifts until the last minute. Don’t worry, we’re here to h…Read More

  2. How to Recover From a House Fire

    Having a house fire can be a crisis of unprecedented magnitude in most people’s lives. Fire destroys just about everything it touches. In a best-case scenario, you’ll be walking away with costly repairs. In a worst-case scenario you could lose everything you love. Dealing with a fire is enough o…Read More

  3. What to Do if You’re Caught in a Burning Building

    As a team who specializes in fire and smoke damage restoration all throughout Southern California, you can bet that we’ve heard our fair share of residential and commercial fire stories. Across all these experiences, there’s always one commonality — being in a fire is one of the most terrifyin…Read More

  4. How to Prevent Wildfires When You’re Out Camping

    While this isn’t a statistic we’re happy to admit, an astonishing amount of land in the United States is currently ablaze. While wildfires are a staple of every summer in certain regions of America, their occurrence has become increasingly more common, and in the most tragic scenarios, many home…Read More

  5. How to Protect Your Home Against Wildfires

    We’re approaching summertime, and for most California residents, that means several things — fun in the sun, days at the beach, hikes for days, and a sweet, sweet summer tan. Unfortunately, not everyone in California is blissful under the sun in this time of the year — this is also the season …Read More

  6. Fire Damage Restoration in San Diego Area

    No one wants to think about what happens after a fire hits their home. However, when it comes to getting the necessary repairs, it’s important to hire fire damage restoration experts to take on the mess and get rid of any soot or smoke odors as soon as possible. We at SM Absolute can help guide yo…Read More

  7. Smoke Damage – Did You Know?

    House fires can be some of the most traumatic experiences for people, but what most people don't think about is what needs to be done after a fire.  There are still safety hazards after fires and restoration that needs to be taken care of that you may not know how to take care of them let along loo…Read More