1. After a Commercial Fire

    A commercial fire can be just as devastating as a house fire, and the effects may reach even further. They can leave employees out of work, business owners with damage costs, and the owners of the property with a ton of loss and repair needs. After facing a fire, it can be a challenge to know how to…Read More

  2. Talking About Fire Safety With Your Kids

    Your home naturally has a fire extinguisher and fire alarms in place in each room. You likely check these alarms regularly and replace the batteries when needed. However, these things are not enough for your child to know what to do in the event of a fire! It’s important to keep your children educ…Read More

  3. Famous Fires from History – Part 2

    When it comes to handling a fire in our homes, we know it can be devastating. It can take time to sift through what is left and begin rebuilding the home once again. If you home or business has recently had a fire, and you are now in need of fire damage restoration services in Corona, then it’s ti…Read More

  4. Famous Fires from History

      Hello, and welcome back to SM Absolute’s blog! We love to feature tips and insight into what we do, but today we would like to tell you a bit about some of the most famous fires in history. If your commercial business has recently suffered a fire, be sure to call our professionals today. We…Read More

  5. Dos and Don’ts After Fire Damage

    If you have had fire damage tear through your home, you understand how much of a mess you have on your hands. That’s why we at SM Absolute are happy to help you pick up the pieces and restore your home to the way it was before. While there are many things you should absolutely do after a fire stri…Read More

  6. Tips to Avoid Fires

    Fire damage can be an unavoidable, harsh truth when it comes to our Corona homes. However, by taking small precautionary steps, you may be able to prevent a fire from breaking out in your home! Read our tips and tricks today to learn more about keeping your family as safe as possible from a fire. If…Read More

  7. What Happens During Fire Restoration?

    If a fire has recently torn apart your Corona home or business, now is the time to act. While some things may not be able to be saved, we are confident that we can help restore the building to the way it was before to the best of our abilities. If you’ve ever wondered what happens during a fire da…Read More

  8. Preventing Holiday House Fires

    Believe it or not, house fires are more common during the winter than they are any other time of year. In winter, we are more likely to spend time inside to avoid the cold. Then, add in the several holidays that occur during winter - we spend a lot more time inadvertently doing things that increase …Read More

  9. What To Do After a House Fire

    A house fire is one of the worst things that can happen - in an instant, all those memories and keepsakes are damaged or gone and your family is left rebuilding from nothing. Now, this is the worst case scenario, but even a small house fire that didn’t do much damage can have a major impact on you…Read More