1. After a Commercial Fire

    A commercial fire can be just as devastating as a house fire, and the effects may reach even further. They can leave employees out of work, business owners with damage costs, and the owners of the property with a ton of loss and repair needs. After facing a fire, it can be a challenge to know how to…Read More

  2. Landlords’ Responsibility to Maintain Plumbing

    When water damage hits your rental property, it’s tough to know what to do! The good news is, it is up to your landlord to handle the damage for you. Keep in mind, though, that it is also your landlord’s responsibility to take care of your pipes and plumbing maintenance in your rental property a…Read More

  3. Flood Insurance is Essential!

    We live in bright and sunny California—so why would flood insurance be important? The fact of the matter is, anywhere it can rain, it can also flood. And, if it should flood, the last thing you want to deal with is paying for all of the damage out of pocket. While some insurance companies will cov…Read More

  4. Choose SM Absolute, The Best in Customer Satisfaction!

    No one wants to think about potential disasters happening to their home, but unfortunately, it happens. Whether your home or business has suffered a fire, water damage, or mold, it’s time to call for help. With the professionals from SM Absolute, you can be sure that your property is taken care of…Read More

  5. Talking About Fire Safety With Your Kids

    Your home naturally has a fire extinguisher and fire alarms in place in each room. You likely check these alarms regularly and replace the batteries when needed. However, these things are not enough for your child to know what to do in the event of a fire! It’s important to keep your children educ…Read More

  6. Historic California Winter Storms and Floods

      While living in California normally guarantees good weather, we know that isn’t always the case. When a storm and subsequent flash flood strikes, it can take weeks to recover and bring things back to the way they were before. If you have had flooding in your home, regardless of whether it…Read More

  7. Fire Damage Restoration in San Diego Area

    No one wants to think about what happens after a fire hits their home. However, when it comes to getting the necessary repairs, it’s important to hire fire damage restoration experts to take on the mess and get rid of any soot or smoke odors as soon as possible. We at SM Absolute can help guide yo…Read More

  8. Flooding in Your Basement?

    Whether it’s a burst pipe or storm damage that got into the house, you might be dealing with a flooded basement! When that water begins to collect, it’s time to contact the professionals who can help. We at SM Absolute are happy to serve San Diego and surrounding areas when it comes to water dam…Read More

  9. Famous Fires from History – Part 2

    When it comes to handling a fire in our homes, we know it can be devastating. It can take time to sift through what is left and begin rebuilding the home once again. If you home or business has recently had a fire, and you are now in need of fire damage restoration services in Corona, then it’s ti…Read More

  10. Top 6 Causes of Water Damage

    Water damage occurs whenever water begins to collect someplace it shouldn’t, whether that be your kitchen floor or the corner of your basement. No matter what the reason may be, you need to act fast! Contact SM Absolute for all your water damage restoration needs, and let our team of professionals…Read More