1. Recognizing the Hidden Signs of Water Damage

    One of the last things any homeowner wants to deal with is water damage. Unfortunately, with water being the life source of virtually every living being, a consistent supply of water is necessary in every home. With the presence of water comes the risk of a property experiencing some form of water d…Read More

  2. Top 10 Leading Causes of House Fires

    Many of us are familiar with a few of the leading causes of house fires: faulty wiring, careless smoking indoors or a candle left unattended near combustible materials, but there are plenty of other ways that our homes can go up in flames. Recently two separate fires in the Escondido area were both …Read More

  3. Why You Shouldn’t Enter Your Home After a Fire

    Following a house fire, you may be tempted to re-enter your home to collect your personal belongings, assess the damage or even attempt to get started on the restoration process. However, fire damage structures are full of hidden dangers and it is important that you wait until your home is deemed sa…Read More

  4. Exploring the Different Categories of Water Damage

    Did you know that there are different types of water damage that call for different cleanup and restoration techniques? While we can all agree that water can be quite the menace – causing wood to rot and metal to rust while paving the way for mold to grow – it may not be common knowledge that th…Read More

  5. Packout & Content Restoration: What is it and When is it Needed?

    Following a fire or flood, it may be necessary to remove all of the personal contents and furnishings from an office or home in order to prevent additional damage, theft or to facilitate restoration of the building. This process is known as a “packout.” During the packout process, a team of high…Read More

  6. Why You Should Hire a Fire Restoration Company

    After a fire, you may be anxious to get right down to business and start cleaning up the damage, but do you know exactly what you’re dealing with? Unless you have a clear understanding of the damage caused by a fire, you may be wasting your time or making the situation worse by causing additional …Read More

  7. Sparing Your Health and Home: The Importance of Water Cleanup

    Prompt & proper water cleanup is essential to minimize the amount of water damage to your home following a flood or fire. Failure to properly cleanup and dry water damaged areas will not only increase the risk of mold growth, but structural damage as well. When dealing with water damage, you sho…Read More

  8. Rev. Wendell M. Bass Jr.

    It is with a sincere heart of gratitude and appreciation that I write this letter of commendation on behalf of my wife Angela and I for the work that was done by the men of ServiceMaster Clean in Lemon Grove, CA. I write this to tell you that at a time when we had to have major renovation and floor …Read More

  9. Gabrielle Logue

    I was extremely impressed with the very professional and thorough cleaning that your company provided after I had a tragic house fire. The coordinator, supervisor & crew were considerate, detailed and attentive to all my concerns & needs. Your reputation for being the best in the business is…Read More

  10. Klenz Your Odors, FAST!

    Getting rid of household odors permanently takes more than your typical air freshener. Household air fresheners simply mask odors and need to be replaced over and over again to hide smells that continue to exist. Fortunately, technology has evolved over the years, providing us with new and innovati…Read More