So you’ve done everything in your power to prevent mold growth in your home, but it just wasn’t enough.

Mold came, saw and is slowly conquering its quest of a hostile takeover.

What do you plan on doing about it?

Before you grab your yellow latex gloves, bottle of cleaning solution and bucket full of water, take a moment to review this list of things you should not do when cleaning up mold.

What You Should NOT Do When Cleaning Up Mold

  1. Do NOT attempt to clean mold damaged areas larger than 3’ x 3’. If you’re dealing with a large mold infestation, it is better to contact a mold remediation company like ServiceMaster Absolute in Lemon Grove.
  2. Do NOT attempt to cleanup mold without the proper protective gear (gloves, mask, etc).
  3. Do NOT use bleach to cleanup mold. Bleach does not effectively kill viable spores and source colonies before evaporating into the air. Look into using anti-microbial products instead.
  4. Do NOT use fans near areas with mold damage or spray chemicals on mold. Doing this will scatter harmful mold spores into the air, further diminishing the air quality in your home and spread them about your house.
  5. Do NOT paint or apply a sealant over mold. This will not kill the mold or eliminate the issue, only temporarily mask it until the mold eats the paint. (Yes, paint is a food source for mold!)
  6. Do NOT underestimate the health risks associated with mold. Dead mold spores still pose a risk and will continue to give off toxins until it’s removed.

Were you surprised to learn about anything on this list? Is there anything we forgot? Feel free to share your thoughts!

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