House fires can be some of the most traumatic experiences for people, but what most people don’t think about is what needs to be done after a fire.  There are still safety hazards after fires and restoration that needs to be taken care of that you may not know how to take care of them let along look for them.

Here are a few steps of action:

    1. Determine what the source of the fire was
    2. Dispose of the source and all affected areas of the source
      • The smell of the affected areas will be strong and you won’t be able to restore your home to its original state without getting rid of those affected areas.
    3. Look for smoke damage on items like: Clothes, toys, furniture, food, etc.
      • Sometimes you won’t be able to see the damage so you will want to smell things like soft goods
    4. If smoke damage is present on these items do not use them or wash them right away
      • Soap and water can set smoke into some items, you will want to get a professional out to determine things like soft goods.
      • You can however wash things like plastic toys, plates, silverware, etc. if the smoke damage isn’t outrageous.
    5. Soft goods should be handled by professionals
      • No matter how many times you machine wash your clothes you will have a slight odor in them, machine washing them can also set the smell into the clothes, you will want to take them to a professional cleaning company that does smoke damage dry cleaning.
    6. Couches can be cleaned
      • Just not by a vacuum or anything of the sort, you would want a restoration company, like ServiceMaster Absolute, to take them offsite and machine wash them to fully restore them, if possible.
    7. Do not wash leather goods with water and then set them out in the sun.
      • This can cause them to lose shape and crack and still retain the smell. There are certain chemicals you can use, such as saddle cleaner, but soap and water could ruin the material.
    8. Do not eat any food that was out or open in the home.
      • The smoke damage can stick and hold in foods that are open and if consumed can make you sick.

There are a lot of things to worry about after a fire and if you find yourself in this position, call the professionals at ServiceMaster Absolute (800) 677-6756.

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