Pictures of loved ones, family heirlooms, priceless artwork, and sensitive documents: these are only a handful of the priceless items that each of us keep tucked away safe & sound in our home.

These highly valued – and often irreplaceable – items are often only a fraction of what needs to be saved after your home or business suffers water, fire, smoke or mold damage.

That’s why the ServiceMASTER Absolute Contents Division has undergone hours of extensive professional packing, inventory and content restoration training.

Our professional staff takes great pride in helping restore a peace of mind by carefully packing, cataloging, and transporting your prized possessions to our secure, climate-controlled 15,000 sq. ft. storage facility to be cleaned, deodorized and restored to their pre-damaged condition.

A successful packout and content restoration not only means significant cost-savings over item replacement, but a peace of mind knowing that all is not lost – even when disaster strikes.

What Our Contents & Pack Out Division Offers

  • 2 Full Pack Out Teams
  • Three 17-20’ Pack Out Trucks
  • Professional and Friendly Staff
  • Supervisor On-site at All Times
  • Use of On-site Storage Containers
  • Over 15k sq. ft. of Secured Storage
  • Expert Moving Services
  • Expert Content Restoration
  • Computerized Inventory Items
  • Bonded and Insured