Getting rid of household odors permanently takes more than your typical air freshener. Household air fresheners simply mask odors and need to be replaced over and over again to hide smells that continue to exist.

Fortunately, technology has evolved over the years, providing us with new and innovative ways of solving everyday odor problems. Scientists have developed a new approach for dealing with odors by using nanotechnology!

Through a blend of some earth friendly minerals (Magnesium Oxide, Zinc Oxide, and Titanium) chemical neutralization capabilities are unleashed. This approach is able to eliminate smells from ammonia and hydrogen-sulfide (e.g. rotten egg and sewer gas).

Here at ServiceMaster Absolute, we provide you with this technology through a product called OdorKlenz. This method of odor removal is more effective than thermal fogging, ozone, and masking agents. Because of the large surface area of nanoparticles, OdorKlenz technology breaks odors down fast. Just a few grams of OdorKlenz can cover an entire football field! Through traditional air scrubbers, OdorKlenz can eliminate protein-based, fire, smoke, sewage, and trauma-based odors.

OdorKlenz is made of safe, natural earth minerals that are both non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Not only does it absorb and destroy odors, it is also safe for use around children and pets.

Don’t worry, OdorKlenz is not just another odor masker and it does not contain any perfumes or fragrances. Once OdorKlenz comes into contact with odor causing chemicals, it immediately begins to neutralize the smell.

If you have stubborn household odors and realize nothing is helping your cause, you need OdorKlenz! Contact us here at ServiceMASTER Absolute to get the job done!