As things cool down, ServiceMaster Absolute’s fire restoration services in Chula Vista, Escondido, and Carlsbad, CA heat up.

Fall is the season of prevention. It’s the time to prepare for colder days and more inclement weather. ServiceMaster Absolute provides fire restoration in Chula Vista, CA and the surrounding areas, but there are steps you can take to prevent fire damage to your home.

Furnace and Boiler Maintenance
As the temperatures begin to drop at night, and sadly during the day, more furnaces are firing up and HVAC systems are switching gears. Did you remember to have your system checked by an electrician or certified furnace repairman? Over the course of the year, cracks can develop or leaks may have formed. This can lead to increased risk of house fires from the flammable gas that leaks into the building. Furnaces and heating systems are the cause of over 54,000 house fires each year. This small preventative measure can prevent loss of property and money in the event of fire damage.

Space Heaters
Space heaters are becoming more energy efficient and are extremely useful for an extra boost of heat, or just warming one room instead of all of them. Be sure to use your space heater properly though. Keep clear a 3 foot radius around the space heater to prevent accidental fires. Place it on a level surface on the floor to prevent it from falling over, and try to avoid using an extension cord. Never leave a space heater unattended; they are intended for supervised use only. Finally, be sure that there is no risk of the space heater to come into contact with water. To avoid this, never use a space heater in the bathroom.

Holiday and Christmas Lights
Though it seems eons away still, the holidays are beginning to creep up on us. Before we close up in our homes, many will hang up lights to celebrate the season. Ensure that you are using lights appropriate to the area (outdoor vs indoor lights) and that they are the correct voltage to match your outlets. Check for damaged cords or connectors, and replace lights as needed. When you leave your home or go to sleep, be sure to turn off the lights, as holiday lights cause around 260 house fires every year.

Fire damage adds stress that you just don’t need during the holiday season. You can follow the steps above to prevent fires, but sometimes the worst can still occur. That’s where ServiceMaster Absolute can help. Our fire restoration services are available 24/7/365, even on holidays. All you need to do is call our emergency hotline and we’ll respond ASAP. Contact us immediately to make fire damage a thing of the past.