California is often rocked by frequent small scale earthquakes and the occasional disastrous tremor. While the San Andreas Fault runs directly through cities like San Francisco and San Juan Bautista, San Diego County still has its fair share of quakes. For minor to major damages from earthquakes, you can always count on ServiceMaster Absolute for business or home reconstruction services in San Diego, CA.

Though San Diego County has fewer earthquakes per year than other Southern Californian areas, the county’s quake activity has doubled since 1984. In the last month alone, the San Diego metropolitan area experienced 2 low magnitude earthquakes. In the past month, San Diego County experienced 16 earthquakes, and there is around a 70% chance the area will see a 5.0 magnitude quake within the next 50 years.

While the number of quakes is lower in the metro area alone, San Diego County is large enough to spread close to major fault lines. The areas further from the coast are at a higher risk of direct seismic activity. However, coastal areas of San Diego County are at risk of indirect seismic tremors spreading from significant fault lines in the Pacific Ocean a few miles off the coast.

Though risk of earthquakes in much of the coastal southern region of California does not compare to the risk of high-magnitude earthquakes seen in more northern areas, San Diego County is still at a high risk for frequent, low-magnitude seismic activity. Even low-magnitude quakes can weaken building structural stability and leave walls, ceilings, and foundations cracked, windows broken, pipelines burst, and electrical systems damaged.

 The San Diego County government offers a wealth of information on earthquake preparedness, like how to prepare a large facility for tremors, and how to ready your family for a quake.

If you experience earthquake damage in your home or business, contact us at ServiceMaster Absolute for reconstruction services in San Diego, CA.