grillingSummer in Southern California offers perfect weather for barbecues and outdoor cooking. But, with the long-term drought the Southwest is experiencing, charcoal and open flame can pose some hazards to the dry environment. No matter the cause of fire, ServiceMaster Absolute provides emergency fire damage restoration services in San Diego, CA and the surrounding area.

Regulations for outdoor grilling can be tough to work around, especially in times of drought. However, you can be extra careful with your grill by following these easy safety tips:

3-foot rule: Keep your outdoor cooking equipment at least three feet from your home or any other flammable objects (especially dry vegetation) at all times. Sparks can easily fly and catch nearby objects on fire.

Double check all equipment: Before igniting your gas grill, check all the hoses for holes, brittleness, and sharp bends that could leak flammable gas. In general, make sure the connection between your propane tank and the fuel line is functioning perfectly.

Be smart with propane: Propane is a highly flammable gas under high pressure. Always handle propane tanks with care, and follow safety protocols. Store tanks upright, outdoors, and away from grills or fires.

Keep your grill clean: Grills can build up fats and oils from previous outdoor cooking sessions. Keeping your grill clean will eliminate the chances of old grease and grime going up in flames.

Guard your grill: Keeping an eye on your grill is the easiest way to reduce risks of fire and injury. Never leave a lit grill unattended, be it charcoal or gas. Make sure to leave a wide area of child-free and pet-free space around the grill while it’s lit or cooling.

For more information on general fire safety, check out some tips on the National Fire Protection Association and the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department websites.

If you do experience a fire this summer, contact ServiceMaster Absolute for fire damage restoration services in San Diego, CA.