Clean drinking water in your home or business is vital. While the EPA regulates a list of 91 contaminants, there is still a range of hazards that can make it to your faucets. At ServiceMaster Absolute, we offer comprehensive water damage restoration services in San Diego, CA to remove damage before you take the step to replace your filters.

If your old water filters have been exposed to flooding and water damage, it’s likely they need replacing. If your filtration system was years old, looking into some new options could be the best course of action.

In-Home Filter Types:

  • You can install plumbed-in systems or separate faucet systems that filter each water path. These systems can filter all cold water sources, and you can add a shower filter to remove chlorine.
  • Faucet-mount filters attach to standard kitchen sinks and filter the water directly at the tap. There is also an option to add a countertop filter to filter drinking water thoroughly. These filters attach next to the main sink faucet and have a separate hose connecting to the water source.
  • Refrigerator filters are often built into the fridge during manufacturing, but some can be added as an attachment later on for ice and drinking water.

Filtration Methods:

  • Standard filtration captures contaminants in the pores of the filter material or breaks them down with the filter media (e.g. carbon filters).
  • Water softeners use cation exchange resin to remove minerals like calcium and replaces them with softening sodium chloride or potassium chloride.
  • Ultraviolet disinfection systems zap heterotrophic bacteria (non-disease related) with UV rays.
  • Reverse osmosis is used with most in-fridge filters. These systems pump water through a membrane from a concentrated to a diluted solution.
  • Distillers remove contaminants by boiling water and capturing the water vapor as the heavier molecules are caught in a chamber.
  • Treatments for emerging contaminants filter water at the point-of-use and the point-of-entry.

Replacing all your home filters after water damage can be a hassle, but if you know what filter-type would best fit your lifestyle, you can more easily choose a system. Contact ServiceMaster Absolute for water damage restoration in San Diego, CA for full cleaning and repair before replacing your filters.