Although it is easy to spot water damage when it is spilling over your toilet or dripping from the ceiling, there are many cases of water damage that may not be so noticeable at first.

Below are 6 signs of water damage you should always be on the lookout for in your home. Staying vigilant when it comes to water damage will result in lower repair costs.

  1. Water stains around windows and doors are an indication that water is somehow getting in, whether it be from a ruptured pipe or something else. (Above is a picture of water stains from a job where our Water Division Manager, Danny Conklin, inspected and found high level of moisture in the walls from a pipe break.)
  2. Soft or swollen drywall means that water has somehow found a way in the walls, and it’s time for you to investigate the water source and put a stop to it.
  3. Buckling wood or laminate floors or hot tiles are from water has found its way underneath your flooring. Dealing with water under the flooring can be extremely costly, so it is best to address it the moment it is noticed. (The image on your right is an example of buckling hardwood floors from a slab leak.)
  4. A sudden escalation in your water bill should be a red flag if you have not increased your water usage, as it can be an indication of a pipe leak. Did you know an 1/8th of an inch crack in a water pipe can yield 250 gallons of water a day?
  5. Humidity and unusually cold rooms can be a cause for concern because if a room or basement is abnormally cold, somewhere moisture is evaporating. Check for leaks, repair them, and return things back to normal.

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