Did you know that your bathroom provides the perfect atmosphere for mold to grow? Moisture, heat (humidity), endless food sources – that’s pretty much all that mold needs to flourish.

Given the daily showers and routine bubble baths we take to stay clean or wind down from a hard day’s work, keeping your bathroom mold free can be quite the chore. However, it’s important that you do your best to prevent mold from developing in your bathroom.

Health and aesthetic issues aside, if your bathroom becomes a mold haven, it can quickly spread internally through walls, ceilings and floors. Before you know it, your home is completely infested with mold – and the bill to remove it is likely not a cost you want to see or have to pay. (Not to mention what an impact THAT will have on you & your family’s health.)

With that said, let’s explore what you can do to keep your bathroom mold free:

  • Make sure your bathroom is well ventilated. Run the exhaust fan while you’re taking a bath or shower. When you’re done, let it continue to run 5-10 minutes and open any windows or doors to help remove excess moisture and allow air to flow freely.
  • Keep tabs on the humidity level. You can use a hygrometer (humidity meter) to make sure the humidity level in your bathroom doesn’t get too crazy. The humidity level in your home should be kept between 30-50% and bathroom humidity levels should fall below 45% 5-10 minutes after you’ve finished your shower.
  • Keep your walls, floors and tub clean, dry and in good repair. Make sure the drains don’t become clogged which will prevent the shower/tub from draining quickly and/or completely.
  • Let your shower curtain dry. Don’t just leave it all pulled to one side – open it across the curtain rod so it can dry out completely as well.
  • When cleaning, wipe everything down with an antifungal spray/cleaner. This will prevent mold from growing, helping you keep your bathroom mold-free.

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